New Jnario release 0.2.0

14 Sep 2012

I am happy to announce the new Jnario 0.2.0 release! Jnario is still being actively improved and I am really happy with our progress. I have to admit that I really enjoy using Jnario by myself and I can't imagine going back to JUnit (here is an implementation for game of life, I implemented using Jnario at the last code retreat I attended).

This release improves the tooling support for Jnario and fixes some problems when compiling specs. One great new feature is that the Jnario editor provides now quickfixes for creating new Java and Xtend types.

There is also a new quickfix for creating new methods in existing Java and Xtend types. This helps the development flow a lot, easing need-driven development.

The code completion for feature definitions has also been improved. You now get proposals for steps that don't have an implementation yet. The code completion will also automatically add import statements for steps defined in different packages.

Finally, there have been some important fixes making the compilation of specs and features a lot more robust. This makes it now possible to use extension fields in your feature files. You can find a list of all fixed issues here.

The latest release can be installed via the update site or Maven. If you want to learn more about Jnario visit the official homepage There is a new tab in the Jnario documentation showing the original Jnario spec from which it is generated. For questions or discussions join the Jnario mailing list.