Join the Global Day of Coderetreat 2013 in Munich

15 Nov 2013

Winter is coming and with it the global day of coderetreat. Like in the last two years, it is going to be an awesome day full of fun and programming around the world.

A coderetreat is a daylong event, focused on practicing the basic principles of good design without the pressure of having to get things done. The day is split into six sessions, in which you work on the same problem over and over again. In each session you will pair with a different programmer to maximize the knowledge transfer. The important thing is that after each session all the code that has been written so far is deleted. This gives you the chance in the next session to all start over again without being constrained by any design decisions you made in the previous one. The combination of pair programming with the focus on writing perfect code instead of solving the problem gives you a unique opportunity to improve your skills.

This year we will again host the Coderetreat here in Munich at E.S.R. Labs. If your are interested head over to for registration.

Here are some impressions from last year's event: