Global Day of Coderetreat in Munich

11 Nov 2012

Last year, over 1800 passionate software developers in 94 cities around the world spent a full day practicing the craft of software development using the coderetreat format. We had a great day here in Munich as well. This year on December 8th it is time for another global day of coderetreat! I am really happy that I will again be able to facilitate a coderetreat here in Munich. This year's event will be hosted by E.S.R. Labs. Feel free to participate, if you are a passionate about software development and keen to spend a fun day together with other programmers.

What is a Coderetreat?

A coderetreat is a daylong event, focused on practicing the basic principles of good design without the pressure of having to get things done. The day is split into six sessions, in which you work on the same problem over and over again. In each session you will pair with a different programmer to maximize the knowledge transfer. The important thing is that after each session all the code that has been written so far is deleted. This gives you the chance in the next session to all start over again without being constrained by any design decisions you made in the previous one. The combination of pair programming with the focus on writing perfect code instead of solving the problem gives you a unique opportunity to improve your skills.

When & where?

The coderetreat will take place at the E.S.R. Labs office here in Munich. The address is:

St.-Martin-Straße 53
81669 München‎

We will start the day at 8:15 AM with a small breakfast and we will have time for a beer after the event at 6:00 PM. E.S.R. Labs provides Breakfast, lunch and drinks. The only thing you need to bring is your computer.


The registration starts on Tuesday November 13th. For more information check out the official page.